Prospect URL: Must include "https://" or "https://" (ie. https://google.com) Override Image: If the automatic screenshot generator isn't working properly with your prospect, take a screenshot of their site, host it with Imgur of imgBB and copy the URL of the hosted image here. Bot targeting: To build a custom bot, add a URL parameter targeting condition to your bot (ie. playbook=prospectBot) and type "prospectBot" below. If you leave this blank, we'll use the default bots.
Bot Color: The color of the widget. Hint: Use darker colors as the overlay text will be white. (default: Dodger Blue)

ABM Details ABM Account: The company name of yours prospects' key account (default: Slack) ABM Contact: The name of yours prospects' key buyer (default: Joshua Perk) ABM Page: A relevant site page (default: Pricing Page) ABM Rep Name: The name of the rep if showing an ABM playbook (default: Joshua Perk) ABM Rep Photo: The URL to a hosted image of the rep if showing an ABM playbook. Hint: right-click and copy link address of an image on LinkedIn. (default: a two year-old photo of Joshua Perk) ABM Message: The message if showing an ABM playbook (default: Hey, Slack! We've worked with companies like Microsoft Teams to drive more leads and accelerate revenue. Would you like me to show you how?) ABM CTA: The CTA if showing an ABM playbook (default: Book a Meeting) If checked, only this mock-up ABM bot will show. All other bot targeting will be ignored (except AI Bot).
Widget ID: By default this, this will load bots from the SC teams' account. If you want to load your own bots (and/or use the custom bots above), enter your own widget ID found in the install settings.

Pro Tip: This generates a unique bot experience that can be bookmarked and shared with prospects.

🎯 Slack - Joshua Perk


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